Professional Conduct

IBD Institute upholds the Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. In order to protect the integrity of our members, we also abide by strict exam rules and regulations that guide us during the CIBD examination process. Our goal is to provide a level of internationally recognized standards regarding the professional behavior of individuals holding the CIBD Charter designation. We strive to help the public and businesses who deal directly with Charterholders to ensure that they will provide honest and clear advice on the products and services they provide.

At all times, we are guided by a strong set of business principles, which guides our mission and our vision, and helps us maintain our strategy. By following these principles, we are able to provide both depth and breadth of our services and products to our members who seek the highest possible standards for their clients, their employers, and themselves. Learn more.

Our Professional Conduct Statement

At its core, IBDI’s Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct expects that all CIBD Charterholders and candidates to sign the statement and adhere to this code. Every Charterholder must complete a Professional Conduct Statement annually to disclose any potential violations of the Code and Standards. Candidates make similar disclosures as part of the registration and enrollment process.

Businesses and the General Public

To request verification of an individuals status as a CIBD Charterholder, send an email to


We track and report disciplinary information as a service to the business community and the general public. To learn more about this process, send an email to