Our Business Principles

We are guided by a set of values and business principles that determine our course of action when dealing with members and the public in general. Experience has taught us that by placing our members’ interests first, our business will thrive. One of our greatest assets is the people that work with us. We know that if we don’t place our members first, or show appreciation for our people, our brand and our reputation will suffer.

While maintaining a profitable business model is important, what matters more is ensuring that we act within the best interest of our members and our people, and abide by regulatory policies and standards.

We are always seeking innovative methods to improve how we operate and deal with our members and the public. While some of the older ways of doing things remain the best way, we strive to improve how we conduct our business.

Advancement within our organization is based on merit. Our people advance by dedicating themselves to a standard higher than anyone else could ever possibly expect from them. Doing so allows them to achieve success both for their clients and for themselves.

We always seek the best technologies available for both our people and our members. We know that time doesn’t stand still, and technology moves even faster. Our goal is to always provide avant-garde technologies that give us an edge in the educational programs and other services and products we provide.

Privacy and security are extremely important to us. The type of confidential information that we guard is provided by our members. Breaching their confidence would violate our internal policies.

Above all, we conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with the highest level of ethical standards. Everything we do focuses on ensuring that we always act ethically, honestly, and exhibit a strong level of moral judgement making.