IBD Social Network

The IBD Social Network (ISN) is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via the IBD website. It is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. ISN allows users(members and employers) to create profiles and “connections” to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. Users can invite anyone (whether a site user or not) to become a connection.

IBD Social NetworkThe basic functionality of ISN allows users to create profiles, which for employees typically consist of a curriculum vitae describing their work experience, education and training, and a photo of them. Users can list their workplace skills on their profile. The site also enables users to make “connections” to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. This list of connections can then be used in a number of ways:

  • Users can search for connections who work at a specific company in which they are interested
  • Users can find jobs, people, and business opportunities recommended by someone in one’s contact network.
  • Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates.
  • Job seekers can review the profile of hiring managers
  • Users can post their own photos and view photos of others to aid in identification.
  • Users can create a background cover photo similar to Facebook.
  • Users can follow different companies or individuals.
  • Users can save jobs for which they would like to apply, and create alerts when jobs matching their criteria are posted.
  • Users can “like” each others updates and new employments.

Security and Privacy

To become a member, users must provide a valid email address, respond to the automated email, which includes a coded key for verification. Passwords are protect through encryption software. Members can delete or change their profile at any time.

Publishing Platform

ISN continues to add different services to its platform to expand the ways that people use it, including analytic tool that allow authors to track traffic that their posts receive.