Join a global community of professionals from all industries and sectors dedicated to high ethical and educational standards, and good business practices. Membership has many benefits.


The Many Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Connect with a large and growing global network of professionals known for their expertise and integrity
  • Gain access to publications, educational resources, and specialized career services
  • Become a CIBD Charterholder and gain respect and recognition from employers and clients
  • Search and apply for careers posted by businesses worldwide. Upload your resume, build your career profile, and share your resume with recruiters.

The IBD Network

IBD’s online network includes many of the same features found in popular social and business networking sites. You can create your profile, connect with other members, upload photos, follow other members and have them follow you, build your online network, find other members, and share documents and information with prospective clients and business associates. It’s a great place to connect with business professionals worldwide. Learn more

Charterholders and Verified members can publish articles and research on IBD’s publishing platform. This opportunity is unique, and gives you the change to demonstrate your products and services academically.


Throughout the year, IBD holds regular events, including the Annual Business Conference (ABC). The conference includes key note speakers from different industries, and gives members the opportunity to network, socialize, and discuss business and other issues in a friendly environment. The event is held is a different location each year, and is reserved for IBD members only. Membership is free (with options for premium membership), but you must be an active member in order to receive an invitation and attend the event.