IBD Programs raises the standard for professional excellence. We focus on providing relevant courses and programs designed to advance your career. The CIBD Program is a 14-week, online program that culminates in a comprehensive exam. Candidate who pass the exam, and complete the other course requirements, earn the Charter in International Business Development (CIBD)


CIBD Program

Tuition:$695 (US)* Program Length: 14 weeks Program Delivery: Online Perhaps you're a college finance major, hoping to land a job in an investment firm. A consultant or business development professional, l... Read More...


Program scholarships contribute to our mission of promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence. IBD Global Scholarships are merit or role-based opportunities available to... Read More...
Course of Study

Course of Study

Have you ever wondered how some companies make decisions that seem to continually drive new business into their organization  – while others tend to lag behind? Why do some charge high prices and get away with ... Read More...
Program Requirements


Earning the CIBD charter demonstrates you have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for increased responsibilities and advanced management in today’s global business environment. The analysis-based curr... Read More...