Mission and Vision

The International Business Development Institute, Inc. is driven by a set of standards that guide our mission and vision.

Our Mission: To provide ethical and professional leadership and guidance to business professionals globally by promoting high standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence that are recognized worldwide.

IBD Institute’s mission is to serve by generating value within the general public and the business community for core management professionals with highly specialized skills and training. With a strong focus on ethical behavior, strong technical skills, and professional standards of practice, we believe that collectively these traits contribute value to society.

Our Vision: to provide useful services and products, including educational programs, to business professionals interested in career advancement; to ensure that those educational programs benefit the general public, and the business community.

We envision a global community of business professionals who adhere to an accepted set of ethical and business standards. By providing this set of standards, we hope to improve outcomes for businesses who seek to continually grow revenue without sacrificing brand or reputation. Doing so will also benefit the general public who purchase the products and services produced by the company’s that adopt these standards, and employ IBD Members and Charterholders.

Our Strategy: to achieve our goals and objectives, we intend to provide relevant educational programs that are affordable, and industry and topic specific; to continue to expand and improve our networking technologies; and to build integrity within the global community.

As globalization continues, and businesses become more integrated, we see opportunity to expand our brand and our message. To that end, our strategy will focus on serving the public and business interests through the achievement of our goals, which include helping business professionals worldwide in their quest for career advancement, higher levels of relevant education, and the expansion of a specific communication platform through which they can connect with each other.